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Being Present

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It was a dimly lit restaurant. Still she was dressed in pink, and while I admit it’s hard to tell the gender of three month old babies, clothing color is a reliable clue. So, it surprised me when the waitress began playing with my granddaughter, asking “How old is he?”

Twenty minutes later, that same waitress served our dinners into my daughter-in-law’s lap, spilling the contents of her tray as she approached the table. We made light of the occurrence, assisting her with basic cleanup, but the interaction got me thinking.

I’ve met and managed too many people who operate like that waitress. They’re “at work” but not “present.” Preoccupied. Disengaged. Daydreaming. Bored. Text Messaging. Socializing. Whatever. Their body is somewhere their mind isn’t. They’re easy to spot as they go about their tasks in a robotic dance of just enough-to-get-by-ness.

These disengaged people seem unaware their present actions carve their future opportunities. They’re surprised when they don’t get the biggest raise, next promotion, or most interesting work. They’re astonished when the fun project or great client doesn’t come their way. After all, they’ve earned it. They’ve put in their time.

But time spent is not the important currency at work, nor is it a key to winning at working. What’s prized is your presence; your engaged passion; yours enhanced efforts.

Malcolm Forbes said, “Presence is more than just being there.” He’s right. Presence is conscious action and deliberate intention. Presence is purposeful engagement of self. And that purposeful engagement differentiates people who are winning at working from people who aren’t.

You see, when you go through the motions or come to work without being engaged, you’re passing time. It’s not only the boss or the company or the customer you short change – it’s yourself. Passing time diminishes your ability to be winning at working, reducing your opportunities, financial gains, and interesting work. Passing time hinders you from living your potential.

Whether you’re bussing tables or performing surgery, stocking shelves or drafting briefs, cleaning houses or teaching classes, you can’t be offering the best of who you are to your work, your life, or yourself unless you’re engaged, conscious, attentive, and intentional about the tasks you’re doing. And I’d wager you can’t be enjoying your work much either.

But here’s the thing. Even if those tasks are far from your interests, when you’re intentionally engaged, time flies. Purposeful engagement transforms the way you think about and approach your work, allowing you to both learn and contribute. People who are winning at working know that being present magnifies their results, enhances their potential, and creates their future. They’re not just at work, they’re actively in it.

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Encinitas Presents the Beauty of Coastal California

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Located in Northern San Diego County, Encinitas real estate is famed for ocean side charm and contemporary beauty. Many potential home buyers are intrigued by the relevant coastal culture present in the Encinitas area, while others are drawn to the diversity of the booming real estate market. With the popularity of the area steadily growing, the demand for Encinitas homes for sale increases as well.

Surfing Culture Lives On

With pristine coastal land, desirable climate, and prime location beside the Pacific Ocean, these homes are surrounded by a wide variety of outdoor activities. Fishing and swimming are popular, but surfing definitely takes center stage. If you are looking for top waves, head to world-famous Swami’s, located at the southern end of Encinitas. Originally named Noonans Beach, this section of coastal area was immortalized by the Beach Boys hit, “Surfin’ USA.”

Diversity Reigns

This area consists of several areas from which it was originally composed. These communities include, Old Encinitas, Leucadia, Olivenhain, Encinitas Ranch (sometimes called New Encinitas), and Cardiff or Cardiff-By-The-Sea. Each area presents a distinct feel, contributing to the overall personality of the complete community.

Homes in Encinitas are considered to be fairly diverse. With a wide range of options in age, style, size, and price, the variety of housing offers something for all. A unique sampling of styles and designs are offered in this eclectic real estate market, which is just one of the reasons these homes are becoming so popular. Spanish, Tuscan, and Mediterranean styles are just a few options present in the Encinitas area. There are also modern beach cottages with stunning ocean views, large tract homes, traditional single-family housing, and contemporary townhouses and condominiums. Rental properties are also significant, with many homes designed for the vacationer.

As of May 2007, there were 197 detached homes, ranging in price from $600,000 to almost $9 million. Encinitas homes for sale along the Pacific Ocean demand the highest prices, and typically range in the $5 million area. These detached homes offered an average of two to five bedrooms, and ranged from 1,400 square feet to 7,000 square feet.

Homes Alive with “Flower Power”

Once recognized as the “Flower Capital of the World,” the Encinitas area is known for its vibrant foliage. Encinitas was the city where the renowned Ecke poinsettia was introduced in 1923, and poinsettias are still beloved plants to the area to this day. Poinsettias grow rapidly in Southern California, and a small bouquet planted in a yard can easily grow into a tree! Encinitas is also home to Quail Botanical Gardens, which boasts the largest bamboo collection in the United States.

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Marketing Through Blogs Presents New Legal Risks

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In recent times blogs have taken on new meaning on the Internet and World Wide Web. Once considered nothing more than rather offbeat diaries, blogs have become major marketing tools at the present point in time. In fact, today millions of consumers from all walks of life and from all over the globe are turning to blogs to get information and advice about different products and services.

As blogs have become more potent marketing and promotional forces, various legal issues have arisen that warrant close consideration. There are two main concerns in this regard when it comes to blogs and blogging.

First, there is a concern about the inadvertent leak of trade secret information through a blog. Second, there is a concern about the potential for false or deceptive advertising claims that might arise from blogs and through blogging. Never disclose Confidential Information on a blog. There remains a good deal of debate over the true value of a blog when it comes to marketing and advertising. There is a debate over the return on the investment in blogging.

Nonetheless, many businesses are going so far as to encourage their own employees to blog about the products or services offered by these businesses. In such circumstances, it really becomes of paramount concern that the blogging employee does not disclose too much information about a business and its products or services.

An eager blogger could end up revealing confidential information about a business, including vital trade secrets. When this happens, this proprietary information can end up being used by the competition. For this reason, it is vitally important that a blogging employee understand specifically the limitations as to what can and should be revealed through the blogging process.

When any blog or blogger is supported or encouraged by a particular business enterprise or employer it has the very real potential of being considered advertising. With this noted, however, at the present time it is still not entirely clear when a blor or blogger will be subjected to the more traditional advertising and marketing laws, including laws pertaining to disclosure.

Assuming for the moment that a blog in fact is created or supported by a company and intended for marketing purposes, it can be more safely assumed that at least in theory the more traditional marketing laws will apply. The blog could end up being looked at like any other advertisement and false statements could be deemed as being false advertising and hence illegal. On the other hand, First Amendment free speech issues also enter into the mix because of the underlying nature of blogging.

The reality is that the First Amendment does apply more to individual speech than it does to so-called commercial speech. In other words, an individual citizen has more leeway in expressing his or her opinions that does a paid endorser.

With that noted, the more a blog veers towards becoming the purveyor of a commercial message or communication, the more likely it will be subjected to legal scrutiny and the application of the more traditional laws pertaining to advertisement, marketing and promotional claims. There are couple of fundamental considerations that come into play when attempting to determine whether or not a blog is commercial in nature. One key issue is whether or not the blogger is compensated by the company or business in question for creating the blog in the first instance. If the blogger in fact is paid, that blogger might be treated in the same was a paid endorser.

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The Perfect Present in Gift Cards

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If you are looking for the perfect present for the holidays, you should consider buying gift cards. Even though they may not be the most personal presents, they definitely have plenty of benefits. The fact of the matter is that every year more and more people are giving them to their loved ones. You can give cards for pretty much any occasion, and it is safe to say that thousands of people follow this practice. If you are interested, but are not sure of the benefits, continue reading below.

1. The number one benefit is that you can be assured that the recipient will like what they get. When you buy a gift, you never know if you are doing the right thing or not. But when you give a gift card it allows the recipient to buy whatever they want. This sure beats having to guess about the gift that you buy.

2. In today’s day and age you can get them from pretty much any store imaginable. No matter if you are interested in getting a one from a restaurant or a retail store you can find something that suits your needs. The majority of stores and restaurants make a lot of extra money by offering gift cards to the public. Simply adding this option has increased sales at many stores and restaurants all over the world.

3. Gift cards do not have to be used all at once. You can buy somebody one and they can in turn shop at their leisure. If they want to buy one item now and then wait a few weeks to shop again they can do so. As you can see, they give the recipient the ability to take advantage of the joys of shopping whenever they want.

To give a one all you have to do is head to the store that you are interested in. From there, visit a cashier counter and ask them if they offer gift cards. As mentioned above, the majority of stores have them available for purchase. You will then tell the cashier how much money you would like to put on your card. Finally, you will pay them and that will be that. You can then have the joy of giving this great gift to your loved one.

Not only are they popular during the holidays, but they are also quite popular during other times of the year as well. When you cannot find the perfect present, or simply do not have the time, look into giving a gift card.

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Borsella Presents Fine Narrative on Fascism

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Put together a young serious historian and a “been-there; done-that” publisher, and you have an impressive interesting book entitled Fascist Italy: A Concise Historical Narrative. The book, written by 28-year-old Cristogianni Borsella, in my opinion, reveals a well-versed, knowledgeable, and dedicated author with an excellent writing and presentation style that allows readers of all ages and background to learn from him. In addition, Adolph Caso, publisher of Branden Books, brings to us in the Introduction┬ż “Fascism, Italian Style: Reactions to memories and events,” as a beautiful backdrop against which we gain a new and/or expanded understanding of Fascism.

Now you might quickly frown and say, “Now why would I want to learn more about Fascism?” I admit it! My first thought was, “Now what have I gotten myself into this time?” However, I was quickly dispelled of my qualms. Adolph’s sharing of his memories of his early life under the regime of Benito Mussolini quickly made the book more personable. A simple little story about his mother having to give up her pots and pans, for example, emphasizes to each of us the struggles of those who have lived through those horrible times in the past. At the end of the Introduction, I was looking forward to learning more!

Just what is Fascism? “In the past 60 years it has been used egregiously as a synonym for totalitarian dictatorship and chauvinism.” (P. 120). The writer continues, however, “Fascism is not just ring-wing bigotry, however; it is much more insidious. It is the merger of finance capital and state power. . .quite literally capitalism in decay. . .” (P. 120)

Now, does that make you curious? Finance Capital–Banks? State Power–the ever- present bureaucracy??? I must admit that by the time I was reading Chapter 11, “What is Fascism,” I was beginning to wonder about how things are going here in the United States. Was this book relevant to me? Were we perhaps moving toward Fascism or are we already there? There’s no way around it, in today’s world, we are all asking questions, wondering about whether we are doing the right thing, whether we have gone too far in participating and even initiating actions against other countries.

As the title relates, Borsella has presented a concise historical narrative of the development, movement toward, and the evolution of Fascist Italy, providing both an historical accounting of Italy’s place in Fascism as well as the relationship that was later developed between Mussolini and Hitler, as well as a comparative analysis with other ideologies such as Marxism, etc.

The narrative moves quickly and easily, building as is needed to gain the necessary historical background and knowledge and then moving with readers to allow us to consider how Fascism may have or is affecting us in the United States.

I leave you with a selection from 14 Characteristics of Fascism: (pps. 142-143)

Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism

Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause

The supremacy of the military/avid militarism

Rampant sexism

A controlled mass media

Obsession with national security

Power of corporations protected

Fraudulent elections

Rampant cronyism and corruption

Any of these sound familiar? Want to read more? Wonder about the rest of the characteristics? Wonder how the author sees the United States based upon his extensive study? I think this book goes beyond the basic research efforts of historians. Borsella has taken a look at significant historical facts and used them intelligently and effectively to allow us to expand our own knowledge as well as explore how and if we fit within Fascism. For surely you’ve heard us being referred to as a Fascist nation? Are we? If you have questions at this point, I highly recommend Fascist Italy by Cristogianni Borsella!

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How Effective Is Your Listing Presentation?

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How effective are you when you are face-to-face with your clients on a listing presentation? Do you get the signature quickly and efficiently at your desired price? What do you really sound like to your clients?

These are all valid thoughts regarding your presentation. Do you know of any sports teams that don’t watch films of themselves and their opponents? Athletic teams and individuals are constantly evaluating their performance by viewing videotapes of the game. Have you ever videotaped your presentation? If you want to be truly professional, you need to take the step to record at least an audio version of your presentation.

1. Make the commitment to record your listing presentations.

2. Buy a small digital recorder that you can use to create a CD, so you can listen to it in your car.

3. Prepare a statement to inform your clients why you are recording the conversation and how it benefits them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I am taping our conversation today for two reasons. The first is to help my team members and me follow through on each and every thing we discuss regarding your desires and our commitments to you regarding the sale of your home. The second is that I am constantly working to improve my skill in selling real estate, just as a golf professional at the top of his game continues to study his swing. My speaking and selling skills are like my golf swing. By working to be the best, I become even better able to serve you, my client.”

4. Listen to the recordings! This is truly the most difficult part. For some of you, it will be one of the most painful experiences you have had in some time. The value to your career, however, will be immeasurable. You will find out a lot of things that you are doing right. You will find out a few things that you are doing wrong.

By listening to the audio, you will increase your confidence because you will know what your strengths are. You will build stronger rapport with your clients because you will know the areas in which you need improvement.

The recording will also reveal where you are wasting time in your presentation. The listing presentation can almost always be more effective if done in less time. No matter how good you are at the listing presentation, you will find that you talk too much and don’t ask enough questions.

5. Evaluate yourself. The key is to ask questions:

A. What are two or three things I did well?

B. Did I listen to my client’s concerns?

C. How much time did I talk?

D. How much time did my client talk?

E. Did I stay on track during the presentation?

F. What is one area I could improve on?

G. What did my client get most excited about?

H. What steps do I need to take to stay on track better?

6. Give the tape to a mentor or associate who will listen to and review it. Ask for an honest evaluation. Tell your reviewer what to evaluate. Receive the feedback and make the adjustments that are necessary.

It takes a courageous person to record presentations and review them. There is always a difference between the truth and our perception of the truth. It takes courage to look the truth in the eye and look for ways to improve.

The old saying that we always make three presentations is a valid one. The first presentation is the one we make on the way to the appointment. Then there is the actual one that counts. Finally, we make the best one on the way home, when we replay the presentation and get a chance to answer the questions we missed and to make the best responses. If you record your presentations, soon your best ones will be made in the moment that counts – in front of the client.

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Staging to Sell – 8 Home Presentation Myths Busted

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Home staging (also called property styling on the Australian property scene) is really more of an art, rather than a science. One of the many things a professional home stager or property stylist understands is that it’s the house that’s up for sale, not the home owner’s bread baking ability or taste in music.

So, from the sublime to the ridiculous;here’s 8 myths of staging to sell – busted.

1. Buyers can see past my stuff

I hate to break it to you, but they really can’t. The reality is that 95% of house hunters shop with a ‘what you see is what you get’ eye. You’ll be maximising your chances of a better and quicker sale if you take the time to clean out, clean up and keep your look simple.

2. Baking bread, brewing fresh coffee and playing soft music will make a buyer fall in love with my house.

Maybe once upon a time this was true – but most would-be buyers are onto that old trick. It’s more likely to trigger alarm bells, with many wondering what it is you’re trying to hide. Your buyers will be happy with a place that looks and smells clean.

3. I’ll need to clear everything out to help buyers see themselves living here.

The truth is that this is only partly true. Wall to wall family photos are distracting, as is your porcelain frog collection. These things are best put away. But don’t go overboard, otherwise you’ll end up with a look that feels cold and sterile with no life.

4. If it’s an original feature – it adds value.

Sometimes yes – but often no. As a general rule, a property built less than 50 years ago without being updated is more likely to appear dated, rather than classic.

5. My place isn’t worth staging.

All homes are worth taking the time to present in a positive light to buyers, no matter what the asking price. The key here is to position your property as being better value for money compared to similar homes in the same price range. The trick to knowing where to invest your time and money is in having a good understanding of what buyers in your target market will be expecting for their real estate dollar. To do this, go check out your competition at ‘open house’ to see what’s being offered.

6. Empty rooms look bigger.

This is rarely the case. Think about it; have you ever seen an empty concrete slab ready for the house to be built on it? They always seem so small. Buyers will always prefer to see how a room is used and what will fit in the available space, rather than be left to guess. A very large room can also be too intimidating for some. Even borrowing a few furniture pieces can help house hunters get more of an idea of scale, while giving the eye something of interest to focus on.

7. Converting a bedroom into a home gym won’t be a problem.

Bedrooms are one of the most valuable commodities of the ‘for sale’ property. Having a home gym set up in a bedroom will prompt buyers to wonder why that is, since few people actually do this in their own homes. I remember once looking at a house where this was the case. When I came across the bedroom with the home gym set up in it, I immediately began to wonder if a bed would even fit. It was all because the gym equipment swallowed up 95% of the available floor space. Always give the rooms in your house a purpose that most of the population can relate to.

8. No need to worry about wardrobes and cupboards.

Home storage is a big deal to most buyers and is surprisingly valuable. Prospective buyers will open storage cupboards in kitchens and bathrooms, so keep them tidy. Keep only what you’re using on a daily or weekly basis, and pack the rest away ready for the move.

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How To Find A Present For Anyone (Even For Yourself) Within Minutes

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Finding a present for anyone can be stressing. Not knowing what the recipient would possibly want can increase that stress. Adding to the issues, is not knowing where to find the right gifts for the right people. Guessing only consumes time and before we know it, we only have a week, a day, or worst case scenario, a few hours to come up with something that would not end up in a bin. For people who have reached this point, they may feel like just grabbing the first gift that would come their way. However, this is very wrong. Gifts are supposed to put a smile on the recipient’s face, not make the recipient curse because they received a lousy gift.

People who are under tremendous time pressure to come up with something to wrap need not panic. It’s not a dead end. Grabbing random items is not an option either. Even if you are hours away from handing out the gift, you can still find a sensible gift within minutes that can be appreciated by anyone. How is that possible? Downloadable products make it possible. Just be in front of your computer and look for products you can download within minutes.

Ask yourself, what would your recipient like? Spanish and French language lessons are popular. Do they enjoy World of Warcraft or golf? Game guides that share expert tips and techniques to improve their playing skills might be a great gift. Guitar, piano and dance lessons are also popular. The recipient will surely appreciate something useful from you. And all of the are quickly downloadable.

If you are the recipient of the gift, which is totally normal because we deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile, ask yourself what areas you want to improve on. Learning a new thing or being the more better you is the best yet cheapest thing you could give to yourself. Do you feel like you’re totally clueless about computer software? You may want to download lessons that focus on that area. Are you aiming for a healthier you this year? Why not consider a downloadable health remedy. Do you want to get in shape? There are lots of products to get fit, reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, and/or build muscle that could be quickly downloaded. Would you want a better memory? Actually, there are systems you could buy to gain a photographic memory. Whatever change you want to see in you, there’s always a product that could help you.

Downloadable products are definitely the best to have when you are hours away from handing out a gift on any occasion. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, a graduation, farewell or even welcome party. Just take responsibility when buying products online. You don’t want to give anyone a substandard or a useless product, do you? So before you invest in anything, take time to read Product Reviews, comparisons, customer comments and ratings from a good review site first. In that way, you will know which products are worth buying, and consequently, wrapping up.

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Become A More Successful Real Estate Agent: 5 Steps To Better Sales Presentations

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The reality of making one’s living, in real estate, is, an individual must be able to make sales, or he won’t make any money! While the best agents realize, they must never abandon their commitment, and/ or focus on absolute integrity, and true service, if/ when, this intent, is combined with using the finest sales presentation skills, they will become most effective! Agents must recognize, being, in sales, and selling, are different entities, and to achieve the best, possible objectives, this must be a proactive process and procedure, rather than an inactive one! With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 5 basic steps, to making better sales presentations.

1. Listen/ understand perspective of potential clients: Begin every discussion, by effectively listening, and learning, what the potential client seeks, perceives, and his essential goals and priorities! When you communicate, your emphasis will consistently be, on them, rather than you, or your self – interest, you will create an atmosphere, where they become more willing, and ready, to listen, with an open – mind, to what you are suggesting, etc.

2. Empathy: Since, for most people, the value of their house, represents, their single, largest, financial asset, they don’t want to work with someone, who seems satisfied, with proceeding in a cookie – cutter, manner, but rather, prefer an agent, who will customize his plan, to meet the unique characteristics of your circumstances, while seeming to both care, and understand you, and your needs! Quality agents consistently proceed, with the utmost level of genuine empathy!

3. Respond/ address/ answer: Successful agents listen carefully to questions and concerns of prospective clients, and answer every question, and address each concern, thoroughly, and to the satisfaction, of the individual, asking! Avoid empty rhetoric, or answers which are not responsive, specifically, to others!

4. Restate your core message; why you?: Once you are certain, you’ve responded, in a satisfactory, satisfying way, it’s important to regain control of the direction of the conversation. Restate your core message, and clearly explain the benefits you offer, and why they should select you, from the rest – of – the – pack!

5. Close the deal: All your time, and efforts, won’t get the results you seek, unless. until, you proceed forward, and close the deal. Often, doing so, is beyond someone’s limitations of their comfort zone, and, thus, it’s often, a good approach, to say, something like, In light of what we’ve discussed, and how I will meet and exceed your expectations, doesn’t it make sense, to take care of the paperwork, to get this going? Then, be sure, to say nothing, which I refer to as Z.T.L., or zip – the – lip, until your potential client, responds.

Effective sales techniques requires training, learning, and practice! Will you be up to the necessary commitment?

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5 Totally Unique 50th Birthday Presents

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No one would disagree that the 50th birthday is a big day in most people’s lives. Since this day is a one-of-a-kind type of event, it deserves a totally unique 50th birthday present. Fortunately there are many different, yet unique, types of presents that you can buy for a custom and personal gift. Focusing on the first half century of life is a common theme for a 50th birthday party, giving the perfect chance to give one of the following 5 “This is your life” type of presents.

Personalized Magazine Cover

Chances are the birthday guest of honor has a hobby, favorite past time pr dreams of fame and glory. Having a custom personalized magazine cover made up to feature the birthday ‘girl or boy’ is an ideal way to make their dreams come true. Men can be featured as the hottest baseball star or the richest business executive while women can be put in the spotlight as the ‘Most Successful Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ or the sexy girl on the cover of a swimsuit magazine. All you have to do is search for the term “personalized magazines” online and you will be presented with quite a few options to choose from.

“Your Hometown” Framed Print

Give the gift of a trip down memory lane. How cool would it be for your loved one to be able to look at the candy shop they went to after school as a kid or the high school they graduated from or even the first house they lived in as an adult? There are companies that specialize in making framed prints of “your” town. It can be any town that you feel sentimental about. It does not have to be your hometown. When you order, you will have to provide information about the town, buildings and any landmarks you want included in the print, so be sure that you know exactly what you want in the picture.

“Birthday” Coins, Stamps, And Newspapers

Giving a coin, stamp or newspaper from the birthday and year is a sweet, affordable, easy to attain and personal gift. Archived issues of newspaper can be bought from the newspaper company provided they are still in business, as can magazines. You can also check out places like eBay for people selling old newspapers, coins, stamps, etc. Prices range widely depending on what you want and where you buy it. It may take some time looking but it will be worth it when you see the look on your loved one’s face.

Family Tree Quilt, Poster Or Book

If you have a good knowledge of the birthday person’s family, you can have a special item ordered to display their family tree. Family tree quilts are beautiful, warm and practical while posters and books can be looked at over and over again and even handed down as family heirlooms. Again, all you need to do is type in “Family Trees” in Google or another search engine and you are guaranteed to find something that you like. These items can be a bit pricey though, so be prepared to do some comparison-shopping for the best deal. A less expensive alternative is to purchase a blank family tree book and fill it in yourself then add some embellishments.

Autographed Memorabilia

Most people have that one “special celebrity” whose autograph they would just love to own; sports heroes, movie stars, musicians and famous authors to name a few. By searching online and on eBay, you have a good chance of finding that one-of-a-kind item autographed by the person most admired by the birthday guy or gal. Depending on the fame of the person and the item purchased, prices can range from the rather affordable to the outrageous. You may even find a $15,000 football helmet signed by the winners of a super bowl! Once again, take your time and search around for the best deal. Be sure that what you get is authentic though; it is worth the extra money to get the real deal.

When shopping for a 50th birthday present, consider the personality of the person turning fifty. Personalized gifts are almost always a better choice than a common present and will better show how much that special 50-year-old means to you.

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