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Does Presentation Matter

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

One of the big questions we get when consulting with students is does it matter how we present the good before we ship them out to the new owners. The answer is yes and no. Let me flip the question back to you “Does Presentation Matter” to you when you receive a item off eBay or Amazon, I would guess the answer you give would be a yes. But at times as sellers we can go over the top, so we need to find the right balance.

As an example I was recently consulting with a client who was selling into a very good niche, and had very good profits margins, and she was taking ages in carefully wrapping the item in tissue paper and putting a a cute sticky label to hold it all together and including a hand written note. Now there is nothing wrong in this at all, and I would encourage everyone to follow the example of taking time in presenting the package, and it is a good idea to send a business card and where practical a small thank you note or small gift. Buyers will always remember this and will come back for more.

A good place where this work is where u sell lingerie, this market loves it when they receive a parcel that has been carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper and fastened with a small ribbon and a hand written note, the more expensive the item the more it is expected. But going back to my client, she was taking all this care, but she said no one was mentioning it in the feedback and she never had any emails thanking her.

One of the reason no one was leaving her comments was the fact that this market did not expect it. They were wanting the item for a one time use (maybe more, but normally only once or twice a year). What this niche expected was fast delivery, they needed the item to go out and have fun, and having items beautiful wrapped was sadly lost on them. Once I had sat down and explained this and encouraged my client to include a small leaflet dealing in an area of this niche where it would help the buyers, she suddenly got comments and thanks. By taking a different angle and presenting the item with a free leaflet rather than tissue paper wrapping the buyers were happy.

So yes presentation does matter, but like a lot of things you need to think outside the box, and think beyond the tissue paper type of presentation and think what you could add that will make your buyers go WOW.

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Top 10 Christmas Presents – Top Ten Christmas Toys For Children

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Christmas presents for the current year is huge. Most of them will sell like hot Christmas cakes right from the oven. So, if you wait for the last minute to buy some of them it will may be too late. You’re lucky you’re reading this because I am about to give you the top 10 Christmas presents.

1. Fisher smart cycle: this is great for any kid out there.

2. Nerf N Strike Longshot cs 6: this is my suggestion for any person who doesn’t want just a game but a nice fun experience, as well

3. Air hog havoc heli: a great many of movies will come out this Christmas. Purchase this amazing present and you will thank me.

4. Bananagram game: this is an amazing gift because it can be played with almost anyone. From your family and friends to your colleagues, if you are taking an extra long lunch break.

5. Fisher Price Butterfly: this is ideal for your baby to be amused or just for you if you want to clear your mind just watching the swings.

6. Ben 10 Omnitrix: this game enables the child to combine its use of imagination with a fun game

7. Fisher price transportation: any kid will be fascinated by the bright colours and the twisting track. Bound to capture any kid’s attention.

8. Fisher Price Wheels: if you want to make your little girl happy this is the best present for her.

9. Barbie Dream House: Mattel has launches the new desire of every young girl: the Barbie Dream House. Buy this to your little daughter and you will be ‘Parent of the Year’.

10. D-Rex Dinosaur: this is most likely the best out of the 10 Christmas presents. The D Rex Dinosaur is designed to respond as a real pet rather than a remote control machine. You can even get to burp and fart. And just watch your friends in the family dinner to look at one another weirdly.

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Delivering Memorable Speeches and Presentations

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Speeches are given to larger audiences with whom the speaker may not necessarily have a relationship; presentations are given to small audiences where the speaker does or wants to have a relationship.

A successful speech or presentation is a package of words and techniques that deliver entertaining, informative, convincing, or persuasive messages to an audience memorably. Whereas the words must be chosen carefully based upon the wants and needs of the audience, the effectiveness of the delivery is as much based upon physical skills, content organization, and handling of questions and answers.

Physical skills:

The physical delivery should be on point and time with no distractions.

Establishing eye contact one person at a time creates a two way communication channel that draws the audience in and reduces nervousness:

  • Gives the appearance of control
  • Establishes thought patterns based upon audience responses

Coordinated voice and gestures enforce messages:

  • Vocal projection and animation – changes in speed and tone emphasize points
  • Physical animation – gestures emphasize points and project enthusiasm

Stationary feet project confidence:

  • Establish a central position and posture
  • Use gestures to control nervousness
  • Walk around to the audience or to visual aids

Podiums create a barrier effect and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary:

  • Don’t touch
  • Use big gestures when behind them

Content organization:

Extemporaneous content should describe stories and incidents, either prepared in advance or composed on the spot, that is delivered without a script or notes.

Prepared content should be organized to inspire the audience. Scripts work best for speeches to larger audiences and for formal presentations where precision is essential. Notes should be used as a guide:

  • Collect thoughts by point and then address the audience with eye contact
  • Don’t read verbatim
  • Use pauses to make the points more distinct

Visual aids support spoken words:

  • Keep simple
  • Visualize the verbal messages
  • Use blanks for pauses
  • Explain the highlights then the details
  • Use up to seven bullet points that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, with up to seven key words per point

Lighting and music must not distract but can change the mood of the audience:

  • Relax and soothe
  • Stimulate

Questions and answers:

Asking for questions engages the audience. The speaker should clarify when questions will be invited – throughout or at a designated point before the summary and wrap-up. For large audiences, questions can be submitted on cards, but must be treated fairly.

Use questions as an opportunity:

  • Acknowledge the questioner and thank them for their insight
  • Restate the question back the the audience – rephrased to help frame or clarify the original
  • Respond rationally and unemotionally
  • Relate to the material

A successful speech or presentation is not accident. It requires knowledge of the background and expectations of the audience to whom thoughts have been prepared and translated in words that are delivered memorably.

Delivering memorable speeches and presentations requires understanding the personal styles of the audience.

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How to Develop Great Presentation Skills – Building Rapport With the Audience (Part 1)

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There is an important rule to remember during presentations. The audience is KING! Yes, the audience can make or break you. The audience is who you want to reach out to with your message, pitch etc. There is no need to fear the audience. With practice, you’ll feel much more positively about your audience and in turn, more confident about presenting to them. Remember, the audience is simply made up of individual human beings much like you. I always believe that each person in the audience expects your best and hopes that you deliver your best.

Genuine rapport is based on empathy. Confident presentations are made by people who respect their audience and who use their entire repertoire of communication skills to really connect with their audience.

In part one of this article, we will look at establishing rapport using elements of communication skills

1. Vocal tone:

That’s where the dreaded word monotonous comes in. This will put your audience to sleep. If you your voice is really mono-toned, please consider hiring a speech coach.

2. Facial expressions:

Rehearse your facial expressions using a mirror, or better still, a video. Check that your facial expressions are appropriate and varied. Using the mirror or a video, please check that you have minimized or eliminated any nervous facial gestures you make. Once you are aware of the various weird or crazy facial expressions that you make, you can go on to correct them.

3. Hand gestures:

I have the habit for speaking with my hands, so I’ve had to tame them a bit. Make sure you don’t look too wooden or too distracting.

4. Pacing:

Speak slowly. Don’t rush through. Having said that, don’t speak too slowly as well cause this will only irritate the audience and make you sound stupid. Worldwide, there is an accepted proper pace for optimum comprehension by your audience. What I suggest is to record yourself reading out three minutes of your presentation at your normal pace. If in three minutes you were able to cover more than 480 words, you’re speaking way too quickly. If in three minutes, you only covered 420, the snoring in your audience will let you know that you’re speaking way too slow!!! Hence about 450 words in three minutes would be optimum

5. Pitch:

Please don’t commit the terrible crime of ending your sentences by going up in pitch – unless you are in fact, asking a question. As a rule of thumb, if you really want to emphasize a point, a piece of information, lower your pitch for the last couple of words in your sentence. Make sure you establish plenty of eye contact.

In Part 2 of this article I will give you more tips on how to win over your audience.

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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to Wrap Presents With Style

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Holidays are fast approaching. In preparation with these upcoming festive events or any other special occasions such as birthdays, christening, showers and weddings, a neat, presentable and fancy wrapped presents will surely give an extra “oomph” to any simple gift. Gift wrapping is an applied art that everyone can practice and do. Here are some tips on how to wrap presents with style and decor.

In crafting creative gift ideas, materials such as gift wrapping papers or cloth, ribbons, regular or double sided tape, pair of scissors, gift tags, ornaments, embellishments and any other decorative should be available at hand. For first timers, gift wrapping could be a very daunting and tedious task. It takes time, effort and practice to presentably and perfectly wrap presents.

Before anything else, one should purchase a gift. It does not matter how expensive it is or not. Just as the saying goes, it is the thought that counts. Make sure to remove the price tag or darken the price by using a dark maker if tag is hard to remove. Wrapping gifts that are rectangular, triangular and boxed shaped are the easiest to wrap. If your present is irregular in shape, find an appropriate box to put in for easy wrapping. There are also various gift wrapping techniques that are helpful in wrapping objects that has irregular shapes. Presents should look nice, neat and very presentable.

To start wrapping a gift, gather all necessary materials needed and lay them on a flat, dry surface. Keep in mind that the focus in wrapping is the outer and front look of the gift. Check whether the materials used for design are suitable and appropriate for the recipient’s age and occasion. If it is a children’s birthday party, the theme should be fun and colourful and so on and so forth.

To neatly wrap a box, measure all sides and height of the box then prepare the gift wrapper in accordance with the acquired dimension. This will help alleviate excess papers that will contribute to unwanted folds. Firmly place the box in the utmost center of the wrapper. Fold and pinch all the sides of the paper towards the package then secure the flaps by placing a tape. For added decor and style, neatly tie a ribbon on top of the surface. Placing layers of laces and other ornaments together with the bow tie will definitely result with an eye candy finish that will surely excite a recipient to open his or her present.

Using one’s resourcefulness and creativity can definitely lead to a great art craft gift. Gift wrapping may not require expensive and new materials. Try to recycle old bows, ribbons, and laces and old gift wrappers. This can be used to combined with other ornaments and embellishments to create a whole new stylish look. Keep in mind that gifts should be neatly wrapped to give it a clean, professional look with happy feel. Happy gift wrapping!

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